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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Final Logo

A while ago I posted about our efforts to find a logo for Voxel Farm. Back then we got a lot of very useful feedback from you guys. We took all these comments and suggestions and worked on them for a while. During this time we used the red cow as an interim logo.

It seems we have reached a conclusion. The cow is out and we have a new shape to identify us:

I liked the cow, but it really had some issues. In our board meetings the vegan members were not cool with disintegrating cows. The others were getting hungry from the logo, it reminded them too much of a steak house.

I like the new shape because it can be a flower, a hurricane or a galaxy. If you are into sacred geometry you may also see more into it. I do not care much for sacred geometry, secular geometry already gives me enough trouble, but in this case it did help us find a nice shape.

As usual let me know what you think.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Video Update for July 2014

Here is a video covering some of the work we did in the past few weeks. This time you get to see the water voxels up close. There is more physics and a look at the new rendering engine.


 As usual let me know what you think.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Off-grid Copy

It seems June was Clipboard month. Just to close on that topic, there is one interesting thing we did with the clipboard I would like to introduce: Off-grid Copying. You may ask what is that, and more important, do we really want it.

Imagine you want to copy a piece of a scene you have done. Normally you would create a selection box and copy its voxel contents into the clipboard. The selection box can be resized, but so far, the selection boxes have been necessarily aligned to the world axes.  What if you could rotate the selection box?

It does bring up an interesting possibility. Now you can get any slice of an existing object, no longer you are constrained to the horizontal or vertical.

The following video shows this in action:

In this case we were just rotating a selection box. The really nice bit about this is, it does not have to be a box. It can be any arbitrary volumetric shape.

This opens up a new set of tricks. You could for instance make a statue. Then select the statue using a regular on-grid selection box and copy it into the clipboard. Now comes the trick: you could use the clipboard contents (the statue) as the selection scope. This would copy the voxels as usual, but their outside shape will still conform to the original statue.

Another way to see it, is you can perform boolean operations using the clipboard. What I like about the approach is it feels simple once you try it. You do not need to understand the "booleaness" of it all. Just like you can have circular or even free-shaped selections in Photoshop, you can have your selection take any form you need. Sweet!

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