Friday, April 18, 2014

Video Update for April 2014

Wondering what happened in the last few months? Here is an update:

There are several things we did that were not covered in this update. You will notice a river in the background but there is no mention about water.

It is not that we are hydrophobic or that we want to tease you about this feature, we just want to spend more time improving the rendering.

I also go on in this update about how clean and sharp our new tools are. There is indeed a big difference in the new toolset, but still there are serious issues with aliasing when you bring detail beyond what the voxels can encode. For instance, the line tool now can do much better lines, but we still cannot do a one-voxel thick line that goes in any angle. This is because in order to fix the aliasing in this line would need sub-voxel resolution. So it OK to expect cleaner lines, but they can still break due to aliasing.