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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Back to the Farm

We have built a pretty neat system. It is a spatial storing and processing platform.

If you check the origins of this project, you'll see it was about using a server farm to store and process 3D content. This system is the realization of this early goal.

The system can store virtually unlimited data, it can cover millions of square kilometers at a sub-millimeter resolution and it can serve a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users.

As it is today, you would use it as a self-serve website, like Dropbox but for spatial data:

We can take raw data in the form of point clouds, heightmaps, imagery, meshes, etc. and convert them into more useful things like terrain surfaces or volumetric models. You can view these datasets right in the browser.

The really cool part is the parallel processing. Thanks to this aspect, we can compute complex volumetric operations and other queries on the data in real time. For instance, we can compare two different snapshots of terrain and show what has changed:

In the near future, we will link the Voxel Farm plugins for Unity and UE4 to this system, so you can easily share these datasets among team-members and even end-users.

The first release of this system will be very oriented towards the geo-spatial and mining industry, we will focus on entertainment projects a bit later.

I will be covering this in more detail in future posts, but if you are intrigued by this drop me a line to miguel at and I will send you a link.