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Friday, June 26, 2015

Castle by the lake

Here is a castle made using our default castle grammar set. This was capture from a new version of the Voxel Studio renderer we will be rolling out soon. The rendering is still work in progress (the texture LOD transitions are not blended at all, the material scale is off, etc.) so some imagination on your side is required. Also the castle is partially completed as we intend to fill the little island.

There are no mesh props here, everything on screen comes from voxels. Also there are no handmade voxel edits, this is strictly the output of grammars. Also note that the same few grammars are applied over and over. For instance curved walls are created with the same wall grammar used for the straight walls, they just run in a curved scope.

This is a scene we are creating to test some new cool systems we are developing to handle high density content.