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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Recombining rules

This is the polygonal ouput of the L-system:

The same church rules, but combined in a different ways can produce different buildings, like the one below:


  1. So you wrote the software that produces these polygonal churches and then voxelized them?

    freaking neat.

    I wish I knew what you knew. I did a bunch of DSP audio stuff before based just on reading documentation with no source (basically just the algorithms) so I still have some hope for myself that I can pull off some of this stuff.

    Thing is, I can't really find many sources of information that explain the math behind voxelization, got any favorite links?

  2. My voxelization method is a variation on the one explained here:[3].pdf

  3. sweet, just from glancing at that document and seeing the pictures it seems like its got the hardcore math technical stuff I'm looking for.


    Now I gotta come up with a terrain generator engine, do you have a favorite link for that?

  4. For terrains I recommend GPU Gems 2 Chapter 2, and GPU Gems 3 Chapter 1. But probably you know these already.

  5. I'm guessing you may have seen Shamus Haney's Procedural City project already, but just in case:

    This project is awesome. Minecraft has me convinced that voxels are the future for procedurally generated worlds.

  6. Yes, I saw Shamus Haney's procedural city some time ago. The concept is simple, but very good results.