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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Radiosity Teaser

I went back to do some improvements in my radiosity solution. I added several bounces to the light and also translucency for some materials.

The following render shows the effects of the new algorithm:

This is the light-map generated by the radiosity solution for the same scene:

As you can see there is a lot of color bleeding from the tree leaves into the walls. The light in the tree crown actually comes from the other side, which is directly hit by sunlight.

Soon I will be posting more details about this method. It is a hybrid between GPU and CPU. It is not realtime. A scene 100 meters by 100 meters takes around four seconds in an ATI Radeon 4770, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU at 2.8 GHz.


  1. Could the method do a smaller area quicker? Fade in lighting methods like a LOD? Just a thought.

  2. @Kerrash: That metric of 100x100 meter area is not very accurate. In my LOD system it refers to the highest level of detail. Rather than area, performance depends on the number of polygons in the surface and its topology. When I discuss the method this should become clear.

  3. Enthralling, just as every post here. Myself, I'm struggling to understand just what is going on the technical side, but both the goal (building a world in pajamas etc.) and the results shown I can very much understand. Brilliant stuff.