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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mounts and Light

Just a render of a small mount:

I added some fog to this image. Eventually I will be generating how light bounces off the particles in the air. If you  noticed, you can see the top of a mountain more clearly than the bottom. This is because the air at the top is thinner and light gets easier to you.

Hopefully I can have the same principle inside architecture so there will be a nice ambient feel to interior spaces too.


  1. light bouncing off air? my god this is not going to be good. I can bearly do static lights!

  2. looking great, would love if you went into more technical details about your updates, how is the fog generated ? does it use a volumetric noise texture ? or is it just simple fog?

    either way it definitely adds a lot. also looking at your terrain i really want to know every detail of its creation i absolutely love the end result and how it looks like its curving in on itself in the center shadowed area. very beautiful !


  3. @Planaria: I did not have much time for posting on the techniques. It takes longer that just grab a screenshot and add some comments. My goal is to post on how everything is done, I'm sorry it may take so long. One thing for sure is there is no magic sauce in any of the stuff I'm doing. I'm probably adding more layers than the average terrain out there, that's all.