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Monday, February 27, 2012

One quick session in Voxel Studio

As promised, here is a screen capture covering some other features in VoxelStudio. Here you will see terrain rendering happening on the Voxel Farm, also a glimpse of the tree and forest edition process.

I had only two nodes in the farm dedicated to rendering the terrain meshes shown here. A farm with four machines would have rendered twice as fast.


  1. Just... wow.
    I expected it to be quite complex as in many different layers of materials and such, but still this blew my mind. How the program chooses, which layer is active where? Is the rough shape of land first generated then look for hills to use hill-layer there or what? What are those "deser pilars" (typo?), they seemed just to be floating blobs of rock?

    And... where's the finished forest? I was expecting them since you showed it in preview :(

    1. I chose not to render forests in the preview. There is a setting in the render job for that, I did not realize it would be confusing. I will post another video showing trees.

      Layers become active based on masks. A single layer can have several masks. The most used mask is slope. This is how I can place rocks on cliffs. Masks can be hand-painted too, but I only have three of those: one for desert areas, one for volcanic and one for the "old world" look. Each zone spans several kilometers. But this is really to the world designer. And also some masks are the output of an earlier filter, like terrain erosion, which can tell you where the flow of materials is strongest so you can add little boulders there for instance.

  2. Where is the tree rendering video ;)? It would be nice if we could manipulate terrain, and add as we pleace...