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Friday, March 15, 2013

Melodive and Oveja

I couple of days ago I got this game from one of the readers of this blog. It is all procedural, including the progression of music. The name is Melodive and it is available for iOS.

Even without the help of mind altering substances, the game takes you to a different dimension. I did find the control scheme a bit frustrating, but it seems there is a whole class of games using this form of tilt, rotate interface. To many of you out there the controls may seem standard.


And there is this other non-procedural game a Russian friend did from scratch, including programming, graphics and music. He named it Oveja, which in Spanish means "sheep". (Why a Russian guy is giving Spanish names to his games, it is beyond me.) The game is fun and equally surreal, but on a different level.

It runs in Android and it is available free from Google Play:

If you like air-traffic control games you should give it a try. It is like these games, but with sheep in it. I did not get why the black sheep needed to be segregated from the white sheep. This is 2013, those times should be over.

The next version is rumored to include sheep poop and other equally interesting gameplay mechanics.


  1. Poop is always interesting ;-)

    Nah, great of you to spread these games, will try em. Thx :)

  2. Love the sheep game. A fun twist on the air traffic type of game. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Lovely Melodive. And, yes, your works look nice, too (just to state that).

    [irony] More of, your russian friends uses english, wierd. [/irony]
    "Ovechka" and "Ovtsa" are for english "Sheepy" and "Sheep", correspondingly. Pretty similiar to the game's caption.

  5. Cool stuff! When will we hear and see more of what you have cooking for Voxelfarm? The idea of being able to play a minecraft like game with the visual you have is too much to handle. Keep up the good work.

    PS. WHY IS THIS NOT ON KICKSTARTER?! You have done all of this in your spare time, could you imagine what you could accomplish with funding from eager fans like myself? Get on there!!

    1. Now now, maybe he likes doing this in his spare time and doesnt want to do it fulltime? And he said several times that he doesnt want any money until he actually has something game-like =D. (I think...). Still, it would be awesome to get our hands on it, even in its current form. I bet it would even be good for Miguels moral for working on it (Since people would build awesome stuff with his project, and post them on the web, making him feel proud and stuff) And a few hundred or thousand (No idea how many people lurk this project) are better at finding bugs than a man and his daughter.

  6. I feel like a crack addict without a fix. I need another post... the withdrawal is too much