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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Final Logo

A while ago I posted about our efforts to find a logo for Voxel Farm. Back then we got a lot of very useful feedback from you guys. We took all these comments and suggestions and worked on them for a while. During this time we used the red cow as an interim logo.

It seems we have reached a conclusion. The cow is out and we have a new shape to identify us:

I liked the cow, but it really had some issues. In our board meetings the vegan members were not cool with disintegrating cows. The others were getting hungry from the logo, it reminded them too much of a steak house.

I like the new shape because it can be a flower, a hurricane or a galaxy. If you are into sacred geometry you may also see more into it. I do not care much for sacred geometry, secular geometry already gives me enough trouble, but in this case it did help us find a nice shape.

As usual let me know what you think.


  1. Or it is a CPU/GPU fan because it is so taxing to the computer :P j/k
    This is way better that the red cow!

  2. The first thing I thought of was a fan, which didn't really make me think "voxels" or "amazing procedural generation". I still like it a lot better than the cow, though, and I imagine that I will come to associate it with Voxel Farm pretty quickly.

  3. I loved the cow. But this is very classy, if a bit boring.

  4. Reminds me of The Black Lotus (demoscene) logo:

  5. It's pretty awesome !

    As I did not like the previous one, as I love this one

  6. It reminds me of a halo gamer tag symbol.

  7. Not a single voxel is the new logo! Maybe the ring in the center should be a cube instead.

    Otherwise, it's looking good.

  8. Very professional, very classy, but it doesn't really say "voxel farm" any more. It used to be a farm animal made of voxels and now it's just a nice shape. It's ok I guess.

  9. Dropping the cow was a smart move but not keeping at least a square if not a cube is a bit weird.
    I know voxels can't be simply reduced to cubes but that's what anyone would define them in a general way because of the convenience.

    What led you to choose curvy shapes instead of blocky shapes ?

    My idea of a logo would be something that takes from the server specificity (or cloud) as well as from the voxels. It could probably look like a cloud divided in some octree form.
    I think you would get some ideas by typing "in the cloud logo" and "voxel logo" into google image search.

    But otherwise, i'd like to hear about the thoughs that went into the making of this one. I'm probably missing something obvious. : )

    1. Yes, we debated this a lot. We did not want square voxels, that was one of the issues I had with the cow for instance, it was all squares. Having round shapes helped distance ourselves from square voxels.

      The new shape shows where we want to be, which systems we would like to be "farming". The cyclone shape for instance is about dynamic systems (physics, fluids, gasses), the spiral galaxy, well, about producing galaxies. Most people what see first is a flower, which is a pretty cool system as well and a nice way to introduce yourself.

  10. The more I look the more things I see. With the ellipse in the centre it kind of looks like an eye too. The crescents around the edge are like the mechanical iris of a camera. Both these things lend to the idea of vision, very appropriate for a game engine of this type (ie. highly graphical).

  11. Honest I dont liked, I dont liked the cow too but I liked the idea of something, that you not expect, made of voxel. This new one is too simple and not represent the greatness of the engine, the color is not good too, should be something warm like a sunrise of a new world.

  12. Well on the Internet, no one knows you're a red cow, so I can say I really liked the cow. (To be honest, your objections don't sound too serious. If the board members are sitting around staring at the logo, well...) This new one is nice. It reminds me of the Turbine logo. I want to experiment with removing the center circle, to see if it looks better, but it probably wouldn't. It's not a bad logo, and I agree it evokes a lot of good things :)

  13. I like it. It looks like a pinwheel. Or a turbine.

  14. To be honest, I don't really like it all that much. The cow logo had personality, and complemented the "Farm" part of voxel farm very well. Voxel Farm sounds playful to me, and the cow logo complemented that well.

    This just seems like nothing special. Forgive my epithet, but it seems corporate. Doesn't seem like it has a connection with voxels, doesn't seem like it has a connection to farms, it's just a pretty picture that means nothing.

    If people have problems with a cow, maybe a barn or something else farm-related could still work?

  15. I agree, the move away from farm animals and right angles was a good idea. The original design associated well with the two keywords you have adopted as a name for the engine, but it didn't seem to capture the ideas behind the engine itself.

    The new design has a bolder posture, though the highlighting of three crescents seems a bit arbitrary. I like the symbolism of vast worlds and chaotic systems, however the link should be more obvious.

    I must admit, it looks like it will be hard to find an appropriate logo that also fits the name you chose.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. To me this looks pretty much like a generic logo you'd find on any stock logo site for just a few quid.

    Not ugly or anything but very very generic.

  17. Well couldn't you use a farmer or a farm in replace of the cow? (everyone so sensitive these days)