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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mesh re-projection of a Tree

I did this screenshot recently. It shows how original geometry can be compressed and still retain most of its complexity in the textures. The subject in this case is a tree:

As usual you can click on the image to get a higher resolution version.


  1. Hello. I think you can make either a free or commercial plugins (in bytecodes) for Panda3D engine. There would be a very large community that find your virtual world usefull for their projects.

  2. @CuMu: Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking at Panda3D right now.

  3. I can send you some tips&code to wrap your software into a python library (automated trough swig, better than boost::python). You have not to rewrite anything to make it has a python library, and you will keep the same speed.

    I've already done a very simple voxelization tool that convert polygonal models into volumetric data in c++, then wrap it into python/numpy thanks to swig.

    I don't know if you have ever write code with python but this is the best way to build complex software based on light weight c++ libraries. Fast as edit & run.

    You don't have to include panda c++ library too.

  4. @CuMu: Thanks, but I'm still figuring out what to do with this project. I don't have much time, I need to apply my efforts wherever the bigger returns will be. And there is much about procedural generation I still want to cover, like generation of cities, countries, story-lines, characters, weapons.

  5. Procedurally generated characters and story-lines?

    My interest in this project is increasing exponentially!

  6. Very interesting !

    Building a "bridge" between your c++/openCL code and python is an investment that will help you to quick prototyping all your next procedural functions. The big return is more functionality in less time.

    You have also PyOpenCL working with matrix library numpy.

  7. @CuMu: For quick prototyping I use OpenGL. It is as simple as it gets and produces something portable.

  8. This project looks incredible!,

    The first thing I thought of when I saw some of the screenshots was Oblivion,

    If you could create a procedurally generated, open world RPG like that, you'd definitely be on to a winner.

    Phenomenal work! I'll be following this :)

  9. Man I wish these Procedural world building tools and detail compression tools was on 3d studio max.

    I hate having to build a filler background room/forest/city when the characters are the main focas.

    With these I could have random generated high detail background worlds with less work and I could get more done faster or make more stuff and none of it would look the same as the last.

  10. You could make a tool for Uity3D. Unity Basic is free and it's all you need at the beginning. Huge and vivid community. Unity has a an Asset Store integrated into the editor, release your stuff in the Asset Store. Plenty of Tutorials. Easy to learn.

  11. Ah, and I forgot checkout here you can see what the community is asking for.

  12. any chance this will be an open project at some point? In my experiences having alot of small ideas boost development significantly if handled properly, i'm thinking an infinity quest for earth kinda scenario

  13. @Anonymous: As in Open Source you mean? There is a chance, but only after every commercial attempt has failed.

  14. Commercial attempts would be welcome, particularly if this turns into a world for a fun game. Depending on how the end gameplay is, I'd pay anywhere from $20 (for somewhat crappy gameplay) to $60 (for gameplay on par with morrowind, Dwarf fortress, etc).

    Since we're talking abuot it now, is this linux compatible?

  15. @Nathan: I have not started working on the client-side, at this point it is not clear if it will run in Linux.



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