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Monday, April 30, 2012

Here is some pudin

Finally, some leaves. In this image you can see how trees look once the crown blobs have been seeded with branch instances. It is a very early test, but I thought it may help you see beyond the green blobs in all my previous tree screenshots.

This renders in realtime. I took the screenshot from my experimental HTTP streamer Sputnik. The lighting is very primitive. This will improve a lot with the radiosity solution.

I have been playing under this forest for a while now. I will post a video when I get some time.

As usual I look forward to your suggestions and ideas. I want to thank Robin Green for pointing a nice method to smooth normals. I'm already using portions of that.


  1. Ah that looks much nicer! I must admit I wasn't able to look past the blobs in your last blog.

  2. That's a very beautiful tree you have there!

    Are those leaves rendered using the typical "lots and lots of flat 2D textures"? If so, perhaps you could try some shader magic to make the leaves more and more detailed as you approach them (using procedural generation, of course :) ).
    Something like that would be... awesome!

    1. Yes the leaves are classic 2D billboards.

      Procedural leaves are possible, and actually a good idea, but I'm running short on time lately. This will wait until a further iteration.

  3. Looks nice, I presume that those blobs in there will eventually be gracefully worked away/integrated into the leaves?

    I look forward to the video =D, will it show off some of the LOD as well? or is the difference too subtle to see? (Which would mean its very well done XD)

    1. I left the blobs in this image just for reference. The following images I posted do not have them.

      I still need to work more on smoothing the LOD switches. I think it is possible to get really smooth transitions for the foliage.