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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Building Unimaginable Shapes

This is a very nice TED talk by architect Michael Hansmeyer. It goes straight into procedural generation. Here is some of his work:

I like what he says about "start thinking about designing the process, not the object". Here is the video. You can find a direct link here.


  1. This guy is doing some very interesting stuff. Read about him last year. He uses the Catmull-Clark and Do-Sabin Algorithms to generate these Pillars.

    He actually build one of these pillars out of cardboard. Very cool.

    His HP:

    interesting article, but unfortunately only in german: (has some nice pics though ;) )

    1. I too found about his work more than a year ago when I was researching L-Systems for architecture. He has done some work in that direction. I found his renderings were beautiful, but it seemed to me his algorithms were a bit out of control.

      This works with the columns seems like something you could find in a real building.

  2. Well, if you look at the Sagrada Familia church, you can see some similarities in that both have complex, organic forms, one was designed by an architect, the other by a computer, which goes to show that perhaps indeed, computers are the architects of the future.
    Not sure if architects would like to be replaced by computers though =3.