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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Voxel Playset

One last post about kids and I will shut up.

It turns out I have been using my kid's toys to help me think about voxels and other algorithms. This is by far my favorite:

This thing really helps. Some of the work you do with voxels becomes a lot easier if you have a way to look around them with your eyes instead of just your mind.

Several of these cubes now have little annotations done by me with a sharpie: numbers, face indices and other stuff like that. These numbers can also be found in the source code.

Here is another time saver:

No need to waste paper if you just want a temporary drawing for something you need to understand.


  1. Not sure if telling truth, or if Miguel is stealing his super-genius daughter's work :O

    1. Maybe there never was a Miguel...

    2. Heh, would be interesting to see a 2 year old give a lecture on procedural generation XD.

  2. I usually use msPaint for my quick sketches XD, it helped me solve many a math problem.

  3. I use exercise book for this, one advantage of this is you can always go back to your previous "thoughts". another one is everything is one place, you can easy store it, and dont louse one page with important things.