Friday, December 24, 2010

Volcanic World

During the holidays I will keep it light and post only screenshots. Here is a new one.

I started a new type of terrain for Volcanic worlds to test some new noise functions I wrote. In my engine a type of terrain is just a combination of noise layers and materials, this one did not take too much time to create.

It has a lot of sharp features and the rocks have some turbulence to them.

I completely ditched Perlin Noise for the volume generation. It was taking too much time to evaluate and the results were not so different. I'm still using Perlin for the materials, but that is also going to change.


  1. Any hint on your perlin noise beaters?

  2. For most layers I used several octaves of white noise and linear interpolation. The white noise is passed as a 3d array to the OpenCl kernel. It does produce some artifacts mainly because of the linear interpolation, but they are unnoticeable in most cases. If a different pattern than white noise is used, you can achieve interesting results. like cracked rocks.