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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Sputnik screenshots

Here are some other screenshots so you can see the mesh compression results


  1. It's starting to look really, really good. Seriously, good job!

  2. I noticed on the bottom picture how the mountains were engulfed in a red tint of fog. Will different areas (biomes?) have different colors of this fog, or was the bottom image simply enhanced?

    Also, could you post more videos unto YouTube? I'm dying to see terrain like this in action!

    The lighting looks as though it's been improved as well.

  3. @Anonymous: The fog is real. I recently made it layered and also added a color component. The sky backround is photoshoped in the last two images. I do not render sky, yet. Another addition to the realtime rendering you may have noticed is grass. I did it just to make sure the framerate could take this layer. In the future I will add more variety to it. This layer will also be used for tree leaves and twigs.

  4. this look great, especially grass :)

  5. This is very impressive. However, a bit of constructive criticism -- though maybe it is just me -- but I've been annoyed by the "floaters" you have in these screenshots and in the previous videos.

  6. @Anonymous: Yes floaters. I have plans for them. They are a big problem for anyone doing terrain using 3D noises. In my case is a bit more difficult because my approach is highly parallel. One terrain chunk may be produced in a different machine than the chunk next to it. Within the context of one chunk it is hard to know what is a floater and what is not, since a single floater may span for more than one chunk. I'm still missing that phase that will detect and remove this type of floater. I'm removing some floaters already, those that can be detected locally. In the recent videos and shots they are already gone, if you compare with earlier videos you will see floaters are down by 50%. The remaining 50% will go too for sure.

    Thanks for the criticism. Most people won't comment about what they see wrong, but it really helps.

  7. @Kyle: I get stable 60 FPS at 720 pixels on an ATI 4770. I have not done any serious optimization to the rendering yet.



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