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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Procedural Universe

You may think building one procedural world is a daunting task. How about a procedural universe? This is what John Whigham is trying to do. Take a look at his blog:

I like his rendition of stars and gas giant planets. Here is one screenshot:

I'm determined to steal some of his ideas for the night sky of my little world.


  1. It will be cool to generate sphere terrain instead of simple flat. Than more planets, galaxies, random unknown things... yeah.. nice dream... it must be someday true :)

  2. @Aroidzap
    There's the amazing Infinity project. Their goal is that every star on the sky will be a system that you can visit, where you can seamlessly travel through planetary rings and land on planets. They even have procedurally generated volumetric nebulas.

  3. Check out Pioneer. Still in alpha but it's playable and fun. Seamless planetary entry too. I've also been watching Infinity but it will be a long time until it's out to the public I think.

  4. Reminds me very strongly of Mojoworld (, which has an excellent planet generator/editor using a node based graph system.