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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another two screenshots


  1. What I've always noticed is that it looks very edgy/sharp/angled... I think a smoother terrain would look a lot better.

  2. @Anonymous: Yes you are probably right. Keep in mind I'm not an artist. You are looking at programmer art. There is also another reason. The sharp, noisy, highly irregular terrain is needed at this stage to test the boundaries of what the compression and transmission protocol can do. Smooth terrain takes less data, it is not good for testing.

  3. Did you generate those clouds, or are they photos?

  4. AI can navigate through this terrain or its impossible for now?

  5. @-=Y=-: The AI would not use the high resolution terrain. It would use a much lower resolution from the higher levels of the world octree. But I'm not there yet.

  6. Well, one problem I would see with AI path-finding is definitely the randomness of the world.

    But is it possible to create proceduraly-generated path finding, or what? I understand you use X, Y, Z with your terrain, so can't you also use X, Y, Z with AI?

    (Unless you use a different version of X, Y, Z...)

    Also, the "roughness" and "edginess" of your worlds actually look natural, and fit quite nicely. The first comment has no idea what it's talking about!

  7. @Anonymous
    look here, PathFinding is very hard even if you have full control on terrain.

  8. Greetings,

    I didn't see a lot of plains in the videos but mostly cliffs or rough mountains.
    Have you already come across landscapes that could be qualified as flat ? Does the terrain generator include erosion or something that could later be used to generate water systems (rivers, cascades, lakes, ocean ...) ?

    I enjoy reading your posts about how you procedurally generate stuff. Good job, you do wonderful things : )

    @Anonymous/-=Y=-, What about this open source project ? :
    Already in use in some indie games including overgrowth.

  9. @Anonymous: There is a lot of erosion in the rocky terrains I'm using. For now I'm avoiding flatter terrain, if the system can do rocky it can do flat, but not necessarily the opposite. I'm not doing any water for this iteration. I would like rivers and lakes to be realistic, it can be a lot of work. I'm still thinking about it.