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Friday, December 23, 2011

Distant Mounts

This is a screenshot taken from the Sputnik LOD viewer. I photoshoped the sky in the background,  but the rest of the image is realtime. This shows some mountains on the distance which are all compressed using the method I described in my earlier post. Keep in mind I still need to work on the lighting and the actual textures. The textures will bring additional detail. This can get a lot better. This image is about the polygons in the distance.


  1. Very good results :) I think, there will be problem in polygon count / quality, if you add some trees, buildings etc.. But for terrain it is enough :)

  2. Please, for the love of God, don't make an MMO out of this! I can't tell you why off the top of my head, but I don't want such creativity, such vibrant technology, ruined by adults who live in their basement trying to level-up their "elf knight wizard."

    I think that this should be a purely single-player game where the objective is to reach the edge of an infinite world, or something along those lines.

    There should also be a survival aspect to it, like hunting giant insects for their loot and what-not. (But their should be no other sentient human, and this game doesn't NEED mining and building, like Minecraft)

    Also, I have an idea for your procedural worlds. First, create terrain. Add water (rivers, lakes, oceans?) afterwards (to prevent floating oceans and what-not), and last, plant trees (to prevent underwater trees, and this would be after coding them to spawn on fertile land. So deserts will still be deserts, not sandy forests).

    I know it's not that simple, but is it possible?

  3. What an amazing landscape :D

  4. @ Anonymous: but building should be an option! it gives players a sense of agency and interaction with the world! with additional survival and hunting challenges it would be epic!

  5. @Anonymous: You have my word, I won't make a MMO.

    1. Amusing, two years later and it's in Everquest Next, an MMO

  6. I still like the Minecraft-game idea. It's my dream to have a game without borders... for anyone :)

  7. @MCeperoG, Anonymous: Whoa whoa whoa. I thought you have been all this time making an MMO :O Then what's all these posts about compressing data for sending it from server to client and all that stuff?
    Unless you're specifically denying MMORPG's, I hope you were joking. (MMO = Massive Multiplayer Online game, not necessarily your typical RPG)

  8. @aXu: These posts regarding data from client to server are about how to distribute the game world to players. Instead of making the player download the entire game world, or get a DVD with it, the chunks you visit are downloaded on demand. This in part because my game world is so large I cannot expect players to have an entire copy of it their system. It would be an online game, since you will need an Internet connection to play it, but still would be single player.

    This is not related to whether you share this world with other players and are able to interact with them, which is what defines a MMO.

  9. Is there a link to it????!?!?!?!?

  10. @MCeperoG: Oh, now I understand. Quite clever solution. It never occurred in my mind that you could send world from server for single player game :P
    Have you yet decided will this be free or commercial game? Just thinking, because you could have the best single player game DRM of all time in your hands.

  11. @aXu: Well I will have to charge something to cover download costs. Most likely a one time fee will be enough. As you say in this model is quite easy to require players to have a registered account, but I will not bother with that unless the leachers start to hurt. For most indie games the real killer is anonymity, not piracy.

  12. I'm not saying you have to make it an mmo, but a simple multiplayer option would be nice. I'd probably only be playing with 2-4 people.


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